13.69% Organic Traffic Growth With 74 High-quality Links For the Web Hosting Site

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Project Timeline

Initial Engagement: February 2023 to July 2023

Pause for Site Changes: August 2023 to November 2023

Re-engagement: December 2023 to present

Client: Web Hosting Provider

Industry: Web Hosting Services

Project Duration: February to July, resumed in December

Links Built: 74

This prominent web hosting service provider, partnered with Avija Digital to enhance their online visibility and organic traffic through strategic link building. 

Despite their established presence, they faced challenges in maintaining a steady growth in organic traffic due to their specific and stringent link-building requirements.


Stringent Requirements:

The client required all links to come from domains with a Domain Rating (DR) of at least 40+, organic traffic of at least 1000+, and no suspicious or rapid fluctuations in traffic.

Quality Control: Ensuring no inappropriate keywords, spammy content, or warnings for missing SSL certificates were associated with the links.

Link Diversity: Limited to a maximum of 3 links from the same domain, focusing on websites with a healthy ratio of referring domains to linked domains.


To meet these requirements, Avija Digital employed a meticulous approach:

    1. Targeted Outreach: Focused on high-authority websites with a DR of 40+ and significant organic traffic. This involved thorough vetting to ensure sites were reputable and met all criteria.

    1. Content Quality: Created high-quality, relevant content that aligned with their niche, ensuring the content was valuable both for the readers and the websites we were targeting.

    1. Diverse Link Portfolio: Ensured a diverse range of referring domains to maintain a natural link profile. No more than 3 links were obtained from the same domain.

    1. Compliance Check: Conducted regular checks to ensure all links adhered to the specified criteria, avoiding sites with inappropriate keywords or spammy content.

    1. Monitoring and Adjustments: Continuously monitored the traffic and ranking metrics to make necessary adjustments and ensure the campaign remained on track.


Traffic Increase: Their organic traffic saw a substantial increase from 1,597,381 in February to 1,773,828 in July, marking a growth of approximately 11%.

Referring Domains: The number of referring domains increased, contributing to a healthier backlink profile and enhanced domain authority.

Domain Rating: Improved from 88 to 90, reflecting the impact of acquiring high-quality backlinks.

Organic Traffic Value: Increased from 1,002,768 in February to 1,247,434 in July, indicating not just more traffic but higher value traffic.

Targeted Pages and KWs: (75% Organic Traffic & 34.5% Keyword Increment)

There were many pages, here are some of the pages you can check here.

    1. 56% Increment – tutorials/ecommerce-statistics

    1. 19% Increment – tutorials/small-business-statistics

Ranked in the top 10 for important and valuable keywords

    1. For The Page – Ecommerce Statistics

    1. For The Page – Small Business Statistics


By strategically building 74 high-quality backlinks that met their stringent criteria, Avija Digital significantly boosted its organic traffic and domain authority. 

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted and compliant link-building strategies in achieving substantial SEO improvements.

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