29.28% Traffic Spiked From 54 Authority Links For an Automation Site

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Project Timeline

Initial Engagement: October 2023 to March 2024

Client: Automation

Industry: Lead Generation

Links Built: 54

This client has a leading platform that enables users to create and manage integrations between various apps effortlessly. 

By automating workflows, they help businesses save time and improve productivity.

Project Goals

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Enhance organic traffic value
  • Improve keyword rankings


1. Comprehensive Backlink Audit

We began by conducting a thorough audit of their existing backlink profile to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

2. Targeted Outreach

The client needed links from their specific industry-relevant sites and for that, targeted outreach was essential.

Our team contacted well-known websites in the technology, productivity, and business automation niches. 

And for that, we use our Anchor Finder tool to look up their keywords on the relevant authority site’s blog pages.

Avija Digital Anchor Finder

This targeted approach ensured that the backlinks were of high quality and relevant to the domain.

3. Content Creation and Promotion

Then we created engaging and valuable content, such as guest posts, infographics, and case studies, that would naturally generate backlinks. This content was tailored to their target audience and distributed across multiple platforms.

4. Strategic Link Placement

We strategically built 54 high-quality backlinks to authoritative websites. These placements were chosen based on relevance, domain authority, and the ability to drive targeted traffic to their automation website.

Besides, in order to increase traffic, we chose the pages with a decent level of traffic to link to.

page traffic

page traffic

page traffic


Taking a link from a page that already has some traffic will help improve the visibility and ranking of the content. 

When linking a page from a well-trafficked site, it benefits from the established authority and credibility of the source. 

It can also attract more potential leads. Visitors who find your content useful are more likely to interact with your website and inquire about your products or services, resulting in valuable leads.


5. Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Throughout the project, we constantly monitored the performance of the backlinks and made adjustments to improve results. This included disavowing any potentially harmful links and maintaining a healthy backlink profile.

Link Examples

Here are a few examples of the high-quality links acquired during the campaign:

CRM Platform:




Organic Traffic

  • Increase: 29.28%
  • Details: By acquiring high-quality backlinks, their visibility in search engines improved significantly, leading to a substantial increase in organic traffic.

Organic traffic

Referring Domains

  • Increase: 30%
  • Details: One of the most important aspects of our link-building campaign was the significant increase in referring sites. Over the six months from October 2023 to March 2024, we concentrated not only on the number of links but also on the quality and diversity of referring domains.

Referring domains

Organic Traffic Value

  • Increase: From $17,501 to $18,200
  • Details: The value of the organic traffic surged as more high-intent users visited the site, contributing to better conversion rates and higher revenue potential.

Traffic value

Keyword Rankings

  • Increase: Went from 43,029 to 51,949
  • Details: The strategic link placements and content optimization efforts led to a dramatic increase in the number of keywords approximately 20.73%, enhancing their search engine presence.

Organic KWs


Our comprehensive link-building strategy for the automation client from October 2023 to March 2024 resulted in remarkable improvements across various key performance indicators. 

The targeted approach of securing 54 high-quality backlinks significantly boosted their site’s organic traffic by 29.28%, enhanced the organic traffic by approx $1000, and increased keyword rankings by 20.73%. 

These results underscore the effectiveness of our tailored link-building strategies in driving substantial growth and achieving client objectives.

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